Mission Statement

Welcome to our site! The purpose and mission of the United Association Local 716 State of Maine is to:

  • Organize those workers and employers in the plumbing, pipefitting, steamfitting and HVAC service industry who do not share the benefits of union representation.
  • Sponsor and support legislation which safeguards the safety and health of workers and the public, protects the rights of workers and promotes a fair, free, and just society.
  • Foster and promote programs on occupational safety and health, membership education and training and industry technological advances.
  • Encourage and promote stronger labor-management relations.
  • Promote the advancement of the organized plumbing and pipefitting industry for the benefit of its members, employers and the public
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  • Save a Life... Blood Drive

    We are having a Red Cross blood drive and need volunteers to help with designing flyers, hanging flyers, helping the day of the blood drive by checking people in, etc.... again we can not do this alone. It doesn't have to be members either your significant others, young adult family members are welcome to help as well. We are all family and this is a chance to not only help others but be part of our community. Also if your interested in donating blood please call the office 621-0555 or email me at rcass@uanet.org to sign up. We need at least 35 people to donate in order to reach our goal. We can do this come on everybody, get involved.

  • Sending Out Care (SOC) Committee....

    Good morning members! Happy Hump Day, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are working on putting together the "SOC" (sending out care) committee and are looking for everyone who is willing to participate. We can not impact those around us without coming together. If you are interested and willing to be involved please contact me at the office 207-621-0555 or email me rcass@uanet.org or message me on here. We need help with everything... people willing to do outside yard work, taking meals to members who can't do them right now because of illness/injury, minor repairs to homes, we have no idea what they might need so if you have time and a talent or two or three please consider joining our SOC committee. Thank you.

  • Reminder for Laid Off Members

    Reminder: It is important that all members call the hall when they get laid off from a job. This is especially important for travelers because it will notify staff to stop your travel dues. Upon notification, all laid off members will be moved to the Journeymen list and become available for the next job that comes up.


  • NEW Apprenticeship Video from the United Association!

    United Association: The Right Fit  click the link to watch the video

  • Federal Study on the Impact of Apprenticeship on Our Society

    Key Research Findings. The study found:

    • RA participants had substantially higher annual earnings than did nonparticipants. Over their career of 36 years, participants who completed the RA program had average earnings of nearly a quarter million dollars ($240,037, or $301,533 including employer benefits added). After accounting for costs, the net benefits for RA completers are $233,828. Even when non-completers are added to the analysis, over their career of 36 years, the estimated average earnings gains for all participants is still an impressive $98,718 (or $123,906 including employer benefits). Taking into account various costs such as taxes apprentices pay on earnings gains, the estimated net benefits for RA participants are $96,911.

    The social benefits of the RA program appear to be much larger than the social costs. Over the average 36 year career of an apprentice, the estimated social benefits of RA exceed the social costs by more than $49,000.

    • Female apprentices expressed positive views of RA but recommend some changes to promote women’s success. The data demonstrates that women participate in RA at lower rates than men and are concentrated in social service occupations (mainly child care and health care). In the 2010 cohort, women made up only 9 percent of new apprentices. Women are much less likely than men to enroll in the traditional skilled trades and, when they do, they are less likely than men to complete RA. The women interviewed see their participation in RA as a pathway to career advancement and higher pay. Those interviewed suggested strategies to enhance the success of women in RA: undertaking targeted outreach campaigns, building women’s basic skills, helping women develop accurate expectations about particular occupations, adequate child care, assisting employers to enforce policies to combat harassment at male-dominated worksites, and peer groups for support and encouragement.

    • RA programs are largely similar in states federally administered by the OA states and SAA states. Modest differences were found between OA and SAA states in terms of the demographics, occupational distribution, completion rates, and earnings gains of apprentices. The most notable difference was that SAA states are more easily able to create partnerships with the workforce system and educational institutions because they are part of the same state government.
    5. Inquiries. To view an abstract of this publication, as well as to download the executive summary and full report, visit the ETA Research Publication Database Web site at: